6" Bamboo Steamer with Steel Ring Lid Perfect Set for Cooking Healthy Food

Sale priceRs. 799.00


Create tasty dishes avoiding unhealthy oils by using this "6-Inch Bamboo steamer". Great for Asian cuisine, fusion entrees, and vegetable-based meals.
Ideal for Steaming Vegetables, Rice, Fish, Dim Sum. Naturally woven bamboo retain moisture, nutrients, color and flavor. 2 Tiered Steamer Allows Multiple Items to be Steamed at same time.
Be Healthy: Its tight fitting lid traps steam perfectly, ensuring that your food is cooked perfectly to retain the nutrients and original flavors.
Using it to warm up your food, and you will be surprised by how much better the taste is than when using the microwave.
No more plastic or metallic taste, just natural taste.

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